2.5D Training Progression Report. Unity

Today we will start a new project with GameDevHQ program.

The project is going to be a 2.5D platformer. We will start in a 3D environment but lock the camera and movement to a 2D axis.

There a few main objectives for this project.

Here are a few:

  1. Get acquainted with moving the player using Character Controller
  2. Make a wall jump move to the player
  3. Make a functional lift system
  4. Make a modular moving platform

Character Controller

After setting up the environment and adding the player as a capsule, I added the character controller component to the player.

Using the character controller allows us to have even more control over the player movement by directly assigning and manipulating gravity. I will get into more details about this in a later article.

The Character controller has a very handy method called “Move()”. Using this method we can move the player.

The velocity Vector represents the move direction of the player multiplied by the speed.

Here is how it looks:

See you in the next progression report:)

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