One of the best ways that increases player immersion in the game is a Camera Shake.

Camera shakes are especially useful for explosions, when player takes damage, or for collectibles.

If you are not using Cinemachine, here is a simple way to do it.

Start by creating a C# script call it CameraShake (or whatever you want) and attach it to your main camera.

Finally the mobile project for GameDevHQ has finished (Mobile Project Progression Report: Level Design Part 2 Unity).

The demo now consists of three levels. Two normal levels and one boss level.

The demo will provide a quick overlook of the game where you have to fight cursed creatures and the undead in order to reach your kingdom.

The demo is called “Cursed Kingdom”

The game’s story

The evil wizard of the Dark Lands has cursed your kingdom. Animals have mutated and the undead have risen. You as the king have been banished to the far lands, and now it is…

A quick tip for you today, in many of your projects you want to add a hyperlink to a button click to direct your player for example to your game’s page or portfolio page. Here is how to so.

Let’s take the following example. I want to open my linked in page and my medium blog when the player finishes the prototype.

URL Opener

A. Create two UI buttons and add the Icons and Texts that you want to them

When working with mobile projects, strategically placing your ads will help your players gaining some rewards and at the same time help you fund your projects.

After Unity 2019, Unity changed the way you implement the ads and giving you more freedom and more options to customize your ads. Let’s start right away.

A. Unity Services

First we need to enable Unity Ads and IAP services.

A. Make sure your Advertisements package is up to date and installed. Go to Package Manager / Unity Registry / Advertisement.

So you have finished your project or prototype on your PC/Mac and you want to allow your player to move on his mobile device. How would you do that?

If you are still not using the new Input Manager in Unity, then there is a quick and easy way to do it, and here is how you do it using Unity’s Cross Platform Input.

A. Download Standard Assets

Go to Standard Assets (for Unity 2018.4) | Asset Packs | Unity Asset Store, and add the asset to your assets. …

In this article I want to dive into something that is somewhat overlooked when it comes to Cinemachine in Unity.

Cinemachine is a very powerful camera system tool that allows to add all types of camera for your player and environment. This gives you so much freedom as you do not have to worry about coding your own camera system and allows to focus your time and resources on the creative side of creating the camera system.

But as I, you might encounter a small challenge. In my prototype I wanted to seamlessly blend between two cameras during game play…

In part 1 of the level design for the prototype (=> Mobile Project Progression Report: Level Design Part 1 Unity), I finished the first two levels.

The first level was a quick tutorial in a forest environment. From there the player goes into the second level, the deadly caves where the player gets introduced to the shopkeeper and a couple of a new enemies.

Now this third level I decided to make a boss level. The environment is the swamps of the castle. …

In the last progression report I showed a tease for the first tutorial level (Mobile Project Progression Report: Prototype Idea and Level Design Unity), today I finished the second level.

The second level continues from the 1st level where the player has entered into a dark cave in order to reach his castle.

In the caves the player will face two new enemies, the Drunk Skeleton and the acid spitting spider whose acid is deadly.

I really thought about adding health regen or a health item in this level, but I wanted to keep it a little hard, if you…

Continuing where I finished in the last progression report (check it out here: Mobile Project Progression Report: UI Unity), I wanted to create the prototype that will go to google store before implementing any new features.

Prototype Idea

I will be creating three levels for the prototype. The main objective of this prototype is to show a few enemy types and biomes that the player will go through.

Our knight in shiny armor will enter from the forest and his objective is to reach the castle to save the kingdom from the curse it has fell upon it.

After the…

Unity Events is a very powerful concept in Unity that facilitates communication between scripts and allows to do interactions on so many levels without adding any new dependencies to your code.

One type of Unity Events is the On-Click Events or in other words, On-Button-Click Unity Events. So what are they? how do you create them? and where can you use them?


The What?

On-Button-Click-Unity-Events are events or actions that are triggered when you click a button in Unity. …

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