1. Gain more familiarity with mobile environment development
  2. Lean more about AWS and how to use it (Amazon Web Services)
  3. Learn how to take pictures with your phone and upload them to your Unity app
  4. Work with GEO Location
  5. Learn about AR and create an AR app

//This script will only hold the function that you are going to call when needed from other scripts// Create an IEnumerator that takes two variables
// A variable to control the duration of the shake
// Another…


  • 2.5D shooter game
  • Enemies spawning in waves
  • Mid-Level Boss
  • Final-Level Boss
  • Do…

Merge Sort

Bubble Sort

Binary Search

Mohamed Hijazi

A knowledge seeking biologist who is following his passion into a full time career in Unity / Game Development. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohamed-hijazi/

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