Cinematography Progression Report: Finalizing the Project Unity

Let’s continue. In the last progression report I finished all the cinematics for the scene.

Player Movement

Now it was time to allow the player to move. The game is an isometric stealth game, so the best fit for it is a point and click system. Following my article about the Point&Click system, I allowed the player to move based on the player’s mouse input depending on unity’ Nav Mesh.

Point and Click

Guards AI

Building on the same methodology for moving the player, I added a Nav Mesh Agent on the Guards AI. Using this I made the guards move from point to point and stop at certain points using a modular system(might write an article about this later).

Modular Waypoints

Main Menu and Loading Screen

After setting up the main menu with some simple animations, it was necessary to make us of a loading screen as the game take a little time to load.

In order to achieve this, first the Start Game button loads the loading screen normally using “SceneManager.LoadScene();”. When the loading scene loads up it immediately starts loading the main level using Asynchronous loading.

Loading screen

This ends the progression of The Great Fleece. It was an amazing learning experience where I learnt a lot about Cinematics and using Timeline to sync the different aspects of a cutscene.

You can try the prototype here. Until the next one!



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Mohamed Hijazi


A knowledge seeking biologist who is following his passion into a full time career in Unity / Game Development.