Cinematography Progression Report: Second Take. Unity3D

Picking up were we left off in the previous progression report(read it again here), it is time to add a new cutscene. The intro cutscene that is much more complicated that the previous cutscenes.

First off, let’s see what the director needs.

As you can see this is a little more complicated. In order to shoot this cutscene, I added a total of 13 virtual cameras that will be manipulated in the Timeline.

In the Timeline and after the Animation Track for the actors and the Cinemachine track, I added the 13 cameras, added animation track for some cameras in order to animate them, and adjusted their levels based on the director’s notes.

What is also different about this intro cutscene is the addition of voice over track and background music.

I added a separate audio track for each; one to control the voice over and one to control the music. The music was each to add as it simply spanned the whole cutscene, but I only adjusted its volume a little.

The voice over gave me a little headache, because now I had to re-sync all the virtual cameras and their animations to match the voice over.

Here is a part of the intro scene:

Next up, start working on player movement and AI.



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Mohamed Hijazi

Mohamed Hijazi


A knowledge seeking biologist who is following his passion into a full time career in Unity / Game Development.