Tip of the Day: GIT, the Nameless Source Control System

GIT, sometimes mispronounced as “get”, could refer to global information tracker or even “giggly info truck” — at least that is how its initial developer describes it.

GIT is a system used to exchange a set of files between a group of people or a team working on the same project while offering speed, data integrity, and non linear-workflow.

How to start working on it:

  1. Install git bash (simply google it)
  2. Create an account on github.com
  3. Create your first remote repository on github
  4. From your Unity project local file location, launch gitbash
  5. To effectively connect Unity to github, you should follow the PCP steps (Pull from github, Commit the changes made in unity, and then Push them back to github repository you created”
My 1st Github version control testing repository

The beauty of GIT is in its branching system. For example you can be working on a design branch, while someone else might be working on the inventory branch, and so on, and finally when everyone is ready, you can merge all these branches into a stable branch.

Clean tree after commiting everything

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