Space Shooter Progress Report: Final Polish

After adding some new feature last time, it was time to finalize the project.
I added a few enemy types and a final boss. These were controlled by a modular waves system in order to control the flow of the game. Finally I gave the a retro/arcadie look.

All enemy types have been give a random probability to have shields and weapon systems.

Can you defeat him?!

Modular Wave System

What this basically does is spawn enemies waves of specific enemy types each time you defeat a wave until you reach the enemy.

I made an article about this, if you want to read this feel free here: Modular Wave System

Finally some retro fonts.

It was fun building this mini-project for GamDevHQ Program and I have surely learnt a lot along the way and ready to take on the next one.

If you want to try it out with all it’s chaos, just follow the link below:

Space Shooter Mini-Project

Until the next one.

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